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Made with the highest quality of materials using a range including 316L stainless steel and 925 sterling silver - making it 100% water and sweat proof and durable for everyday wear for all skin types.

We've tested durability over 5 years - our range is made for everyday wear & for all skin types.

We offer free AUS shipping for orders over $50 or a flat rate of $4.95! Free shipping for international orders over $100. Ships from our HQ in Brisbane.

Every $1 of an order is donated to a charity of your choice through iEqualChange. Track our impact here!

We're here to change the way you experience jewellery. It's not just about 'looking good', it's about evoking a deeper meaning between you and your unique, quality pieces. Our designs are hand-drawn and are exclusive to Esah and Co.

We've made gifting easier with our bundles "Bundle Bestie" and "The Jewellery Makeover" which allow you to choose your favourites and save up to 25% off. We have got you bestie!

None of the icky stuff here - all of our packaging is recyclable, and our mailer bags are compostable. Your jewellery is packaged in our signature multi-use pouches made for storing and polishing! Did we mention pretty packaging?!

A proud woman-owned business based in Brisbane, Australia. Founder Jane is on a mission to build a supportive community who value kindness to themselves and to others. Read more about her story here.


Experience the beauty of our hand-drawn necklaces, carefully detailed to serve as daily gentle reminders of compassion and connection.


Welcome to our safe space of like-minded beautiful beings who value kindness to themselves and others.

Restructures neural pathways with healthy habits.

Recent studies have linked affirmations to concrete physical and mental gains in areas such as health, learning, and interpersonal relationships (Cohen and Sherman, 2014).

" As positive affirmations work by replacing negative thought patterns with healthier ways of thinking, they can have a positive impact on the brain and body. By promoting positive thoughts and affirming an individual’s core values, these mantras encourage productive responses to challenging situations. " - Psychologist, Lauren Alexander. Akron General Health and Wellness Center

A self-regulation strategy to avoid rumination.

Self-affirmation has been demonstrated to lower stress and rumination (Koole et al., 1999; Wiesenfeld et al., 2001). We all experience the worry and the downward spiral of negative thoughts. When we do it for too long, that's when it starts to become a problem. Studies show that those who practice self-affirmation consistently have healthier ways to manage their stress and have a higher chance of self-regulation.

A vital pillar to overall well-being.

This one small habit is a life-long skill that researchers have found to be one of the most effective strategies to overall well-being. Those who regularly self-affirm decrease health-deteriorating stress (Sherman et al., 2009; Critcher & Dunning, 2015).


It's your sign

My Zodiac

A collection inspired by the mystical energy of Zodiac signs. Each Zodiac pendant design embraces every element that represents a sign. All twelve zodiac signs have been carefully thought through and hand drawn, ensuring that it captures what makes you, YOU. Every design embodies your ruling planet, birth flower, zodiac constellation, your element and an aligned affirmation.

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