Esah and Co VIP loyalty program



1. Do my VIP points expire?

No. You can accumulate your points as much as you want and redeem up to $35 worth of coupons at a time, or, redeem as little as $1 with your points. As we are a boutique, some styles may be exclusive and are available for a limited time only - so redeem your rewards and get those sparkles before someone lucky does!

2. How do I make a member account?

Launch our VIP program by clicking on the Heart Bag widget floating on the screen. Click on 'Join Now' and enter in your details and you are ready to go!

3. How do I redeem my rewards and use them for my next purchase?

Simply log in to your member account. Through the Esah VIP Rewards program launcher (Heart bag widget on your screen), click on 'Ways to earn' and view all the different rewards you can redeem. Once you claim a reward it will be saved onto your account and a code will appear. Copy and paste the code into the 'Discount code' section when checking out.

4. Can I use multiple codes in one purchase?

Unfortunately no. You can only use one code at a time. Any unused claimed rewards will be saved into your member account ready for you to use next time!

5. What if I want a refund or partial refund?

We will refund your VIP points accordingly. It will appear back onto your Esah & Co Member account after 5 business days.

6. I have made purchases before but the points aren't on my account. How can I claim the points?

Simply shoot us a message via our contact us page with your full name and we can fix that up for you!


Have any other questions? Send us a message via our contact page!