Hi there! It's Jane, founder of Esah and Co. I am accompanied by one of my team members, my fur baby - Tatum. Welcome to this space of self-love, creativity, community and just all-round good vibes! Esah and Co first came into fruition in 2018 and has evolved since then, but our pride in being unique, authentic, quality, timeless and community-driven has always been the foundation of the brand. When Esah and Co first started, it was actually called Lady Esah.

What does Esah mean anyway, you may ask?

The word 'isa' in the Tagalog language means one. I was drawn to the universal meanings behind 'one'; one being unique, being an individual, a stand-alone. With a simple play around the spelling, replacing the 'I' with an 'E' (which is also the initial of my first name), Esah and Co was the re-born. The meaning behind it is about celebrating our individuality, celebrating our differences and being empowered by who we are. 

During the beginning of the pandemic in 2019, I found myself in my own 'ick' and was constantly filling my thoughts with self-doubt, constant worry and nothing but yuck which drained my being. Although I am so lucky and so, SO grateful for my supportive network of family, friends, colleagues and my wonderful husband; I still needed to seek therapy, and I needed to accept the fact that it was necessary (I mean it's like seeing a friend who is professionally well-quipped with strategies right?). I was simply masking my sadness with busyness. Completely masked. I tricked my mind to believing that I needed to see everyone else happy for myself to feel like I was doing my job, therefore I was 'fulfilled or 'enough'. 
After a few therapy sessions, and the pandemic progressing rapidly - I found myself seeking affirmations. I started following threads to affirmations, listening to meditations that included affirmations. At work, I would find I'd write affirmations in inconspicuous places in my planning diary. For those who don't know me personally, I have been an inclusion teacher for almost 8 years. I have an absolute passion for teaching and ensuring all children with different needs have optimal opportunities to learn and grow. However, it had some rough days. Alot of problem solving, many solutions but there are many times where you felt like you'd take 10 steps forward, 20 steps back. Affirmation after affirmation, my screen savers, notebooks (and anywhere that I would find a place to stick one) were filled with affirmations. Although it was a quick fix at the time, that simple reminder to ground myself with self-compassion had made a huge impact on my day to day.
So then, our Affirmation Collections came into the vision. I began sketching drawings when I spent time outdoors and paired these with the affirmations that I constantly surrounded myself with.

Esah and Co has evolved since then. It's not just serving you with cute, timeless, quality jewellery; there's a deeper purpose behind the jewellery designed and made for you, for us. Our mission is to design and provide purposeful and inclusive, affordable, quality jewellery that has meaning for the wearer and serves as gentle reminders of self-love and self-compassion; as well as what is most important to individual wearers. We are here to change the way you experience jewellery. Our jewellery isn't just jewellery; it's a movement, a staple in your daily self-care routine. 
Let's paint the picture of this self-care routine for you. 
Imagine this. You wake up and get ready for the day. You might think "Ughhhh. Another day, another dollar,". You take a shower, you put your outfit on then it's time to accessorise. You look at your collection of affirmation jewellery and you start to read each one in your head to decide which one you resonate strongly with. You choose "I am worthy of all good things," The Manifest necklace. You think you just put on a necklace (what's the big deal?!) but no, in that minute of you reading and choosing a necklace - you were self-affirming. This one small habit is a life-long skill that researchers have found to be one of the most effective strategies to overall wellbeing. Those who regularly self-affirm decrease health-deteriorating stress (Sherman et al., 2009; Critcher & Dunning, 2015). Self-affirmation has been demonstrated to lower stress and rumination (Koole et al., 1999; Wiesenfeld et al., 2001). You could have stuck with the crappy thoughts you woke up with and let them ruminate, but, instead, you stopped yourself unknowingly and you've set your mind up for success. You've empowered yourself. Do it consistently enough and you have rewired and restructured your brain cells to a healthy habit. 
There's more to it though - it's building a community and safe space of kindness to self and to others. We are so proud that Esah and Co have teamed up with iEqualChange to make an impact by giving back to charities across the globe. Every $1 of each order is donated to a charity of YOUR choice. You can track our impact here. We believe it's so important to give back to the community. 

It's July 2023 as I write this, and I have experienced a few more life-changing experiences since then (as we all do). My husband and I lost our first baby after trying for quite a while and that has really forced me to do some deep healing and it's really called for more self-compassion. In saying that, I truly gained angel how has been guiding me ever since.
It was a hard decision, but I've decided to put teaching in a school context on pause for now, as I hear a calling to expand Esah and Co more than just another 'retail brand', (as well as work on some other projects with my other brand Kind Kidlings Co).
We see workshops in the vision, along with wholesome self-care events, custom jewellery and so many more experiences that will change the way you experience jewellery!
To the supporters of my brand since day one, and to all my new supporters and future supporters (because I am manifesting) I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR YOU. I appreciate you and please accept my virtual warm hug.

I can't wait to see where this goes! Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Love,

Tatum and Jane xo
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